Fall Collection Beeswax Melts


Fall Scent Wax Melts
Fall Collection Beeswax Melts

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Fall Collection Beeswax Melts

Our beeswax melts are a great way to enjoy fabulous autumn scents in your home or office. Carefully made with our beeswax and phthalate-free fragrance oil, these melts provide long-lasting fragrance that will establish a consistent feeling of warmth and happiness!


Not only is beeswax a renewable resource it also is the only wax that neutralizes pollutants and purifies the air by producing negative ions when heated.



Scent Descriptions:

Sampler Box – Box set weighs 7.5 oz and contains 12 beeswax melts. Two melts each of our 2022 fall collection scents.


Toasted Pumpkin Spice – This must-have fall scent takes the classic pumpkin spice aroma and brings it to another level by adding smoked nutmeg. A comforting, inviting blend of cinnamon and buttercream is highlighted with hints in between for that perfect autumn fragrance.


Zucchini Bread – A classic blend of spicy zucchini, cinnamon, and spices harmonize perfectly to create an aroma of a timeless homemade treat.


Apple Cider Donut – A delicious, mouthwatering blend of freshly fried donut rings infused with a hint of warm apple cider and topped with sugar.


French Toast – A delicious, mouthwatering blend of cinnamon and maple syrup combined with buttery sourdough bread for a complete breakfast perfection!


Autumn Leaves – This fragrance is the perfect earthy addition to your fall collection! Sweet leaf greens, fresh pines, dewy spiced florals, and earthen musk combine with spiced apples to create this scent.


Cranberry Apple Marmalade – A rich, luscious blend of tart cranberry sauce and apple jam, highlighted with crushed cinnamon sticks and a hint of spices and sugar.



Our Singles weigh 0.625 oz and contain 1 beeswax melt.

Our Pack weighs 2.5 oz and contains 4 beeswax melts.

Box Set weighs 7.5 oz and contains 12 beeswax melts. Two melts each of our 2022 fall collection scents.

Each melt typically lasts 48 hours of burn time.


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