How to Apply Beard Balm 4 Easy Steps

Beard balm is a must-have for any bearded man. It helps your beard look and feel healthier, softer, and more manageable. The process of applying beard balm is simple, but if a little intimidation has made this daunting for you then fear not because we have laid out 4 easy steps on how to apply beard balm correctly!

1. Use back of thumbnail to scoop out the desired amount

First, you need to figure out the perfect amount of balm for your beard. How much product you require has everything to do with its thickness and length as well as what type or texture it is. The longer thicker coarser beards may need more while shorter thinner ones might use less! For short beards, I’d start off with pea-size, while longer beards a dime size might work best. The back of your thumbnail can be used to scoop out the desired amount, and guitar picks are also an option.

2. Warm up the balm

With the desired amount of product sitting in the palm of your hand, simply rub both hands together to warm up the balm transforming it into an oil form. You should be left with both hands covered in oil without any solid pieces.

3. Apply evenly to beard and skin

You want to start under your beard reaching the roots and skin first. Using your fingers and hand, rub upwards, underneath your beard, then reverse and rub down the outside of your beard. Do this a few times to transfer the oil off your hands and onto your beard.

4. Style with comb or brush

Comb or brush your beard styling it to your liking. This step will also help to evenly spread the balm through your facial hair