Goldenrod Honey has been extracted

Goldenrod Honey Coming Soon

We have been blessed with a Goldenrod Honey harvest this year. This is our first Goldenrod harvest and we are very thankful the bees made extra this year.

Typical the bees use this type of honey to overwinter with. For that reason, we are always careful to let the bees have their share first. We only harvest if there is extra to be had. This year, there was extra to be had.

If you are not familiar with Goldenrod Honey, it is a dark amber color with a sweet buttery taste. It’s a favorite among many people and for good reason. If you haven’t tried it yet you should definitely get some to try. I mean, who doesn’t love sweet butter and honey, am I right?

We extracted the honey today and will be bottling it up soon. Check back here or watch our Facebook page to see when it comes up for sale.